Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Facebook...yeah, it took me awhile

My wife got invited by a friend to join Facebook. And after she got on, she invited me. So after however many years, I've finally joined Facebook and can now stay in touch with a whole lot of people I haven't stayed in touch with. It's actually pretty cool how many people I found from high school and college right away, just after signing up.

I've now updated my profile with useful information, and even started a few "wall" conersations with people as well. It's probably a good thing for me too, since I am NOT good at staying in touch with people. I'm the person that fails to return an email to someone or a letter after hearing from someone who I haven't talked with in a while. I still keep in touch with my best man from my wedding, but that's because he's the one that almost always calls me to see how I'm doing. Speaking of which, I should call him sometime soon...

Another positive is that I was able to post my blog address on my Facebook page which means that someone else besides my sister and my wife might actually read this stuff that I write here and at my other blogs. Well, that may be a positive or a negative. We'll see.

The downside is that I have yet another distraction from work in checking the Facebook page. I should really save it for when I get home, but I'm too curious when I see an email pop up with "so and so has left you a wall message." Just have to go check it out.

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