Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Congratulations Sis

We just got back from a long weekend trip to the west coast where we went to visit family and see my sister graduate from college. She is now a fully educated nurse getting her degree from Northwest University of the Assemblies of God. I had actually spent a year there when it was still Northwest College and it was fun to see the campus again.

We got to spend time with my Grandparents and my mom's family in Oregon before trucking up to Seattle to see my sister graduate. I love Oregon, and seeing it again made me miss it again, but I'm sure I'll forget about that in the next few weeks as I get back into my groove here in Boston. We did a lot of hanging out, visiting, and eating. I swear. From the first place we stopped for lunch after leaving the airport, to the last meal we had the eve of our flight, I was full.

While in Seattle we had time to visit Pike Place Market which was a pretty cool place, and my sister and wife graciously allowed me two whole hours of gaming at Gameworks to rock the arcade games. Even with that much time I still have a ton of points on a gameworks card that need to be used. The other cool thing about going to Seattle was that we got to spend two nights in a sweet hotel. A friend of my sister and me works there, and got us a good deal on a weekend stay. Apparently it's a business hotel, so they are busy during the week, and light on the weekends. The rooms were really cool, and the king size beds were amazing. Nicely decorated bathrooms, clean facilities and free apples too. If you're ever in the Kirkland, WA area, check out The Heathman. The hotel is located where my favorite arcade was when I was in Seattle, Quarters. It's not there anymore, and that made me sad.

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