Monday, January 7, 2008

Age of the Internet

While it was not the first time I had heard of or read some blogs, I did remember when I started reading them more seriously. A friend and old college roommate of mine sent out an update email and had a link to his blog back in 2005. It reconnected us briefly and I started reading his blog on a fairly regular basis. So in a way, I'm hoping that this blog might help me keep in touch with people and maybe give them an insight to my life even though we're separated by hundreds of miles or more. One of the great things about the age of the Internet is the ability to connect with people in a plethora of ways.

Another great thing is the ability to find out just about any fact within a few moments of booting up a web browser. Some time ago, my wife and I were wanting to know more information about something we'd just seen on TV. An actor's name, I think it was. Within seconds we had all the information we wanted and more. She commented to me that before the Internet, you would have had to have something like an encyclopedia collection to come even close to the instant access to information we have now. It really points out how spoiled we've both been growing up. Obviously there were libraries, magazine, books, newspapers, the radio and TV, all of which could provide information, but none of them were necessarily at your fingertips. We've had the Internet since we were in High School and it really does give you instant information on things you may not have bothered to find out before because there was no easy way to find out. My grandfather started using the Internet in his home just this last couple of years, so I asked him, "What did you do when you wanted to know something, growing up, before you had access to the Internet?" His response:

"We just sat around not knowing a lot of things."

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