Friday, August 14, 2009

Settling In

The house is wonderful, or at least I think so. It has it's quirks. The basement is kind of shabby, and the overall plumbing needs some kinks fixed, but it all works. The yard is a lot bigger than I was expecting. And by that, I mean the mowing size of it. It looked nice when we bought it, but I didn't realize how much yard was there until I walked every square foot of it with a scissor blade lawn mower. Yeah, no power, no motor, just a rotating blade and me pushing it. It was cheap, and we thought it would work, but it just doesn't cut the grass very well. Perusing craigslist for better one this week.

We still don't have a couch, so that's high on our priority list as the living room seems very empty without it, and we still haven't figured out where to put everything until we can figure out how big the couch will be. Our bedroom, the dining room, the kitchen and the bathroom are all in place. We have a washer and dryer down stairs that work well. All that's left are the two other bedrooms (which contain lots of boxes at the moment) and the aforementioned living room.

This weekend will be spent couch shopping, as well as some other household things. Hopefully I can find a cheap lawnmower to mow the yard with so I don't have to use the manual one. I've also got to start looking into fencing the yard at the front so we can let Hannah out without being on a leash, and still be reasonably certain that she's contained. I don't really think she would run away, but she would chase after any kind of animal or something that caught her fancy. I don't think we will ever train that out of her. Might be part of her beagle/hound instinct.

Speaking of Hannah, I believe we've successfully trained her to sleep on her mat on the floor in the bedroom now instead of on the bed. That's a pretty big step. She'll still get on the bed during the day if we don't watch her, but she's now sleeping all night long on her mat. Woohoo! When we get a couch, it will also be a no dog zone. Hopefully she picks that up as quickly as she learned not to sleep on the bed at night.

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