Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My New Electric Mower

So with our new house comes a huge yard. Well, maybe not huge, but big. Bigger than any yard I've had I think. Certainly since leaving Alaska.

Teresa thought it would be great to get a non gas powered mower. Better for the environment, less maintenance, slightly higher initial cost, but you save in other areas. Cool. Well, since we're trying to save money, we usually hit up Craigslist first to find stuff on the cheap, and she found something for a very good price. 25$! And it wasn't gas powered either. Neither was it electric.

Yes, we got a "Reel" mower. Get it? Reel?

Anyway, I mowed our big, no, huge yard our first weekend in the new house. I took 3 hours. That's a long time. But on top of that, the yard looked awful. Anything that was longer than 4 inches didn't get cut because it just laid down as the mower ran over it. This wasn't working out.

So a couple of days ago we found a fairly good deal on a barely used electric lawn mower. It had a 100 foot outdoor extension cord that came with it too, so I called the guy and went out to take a look at it.

The lawn mower was in Sylva, which is 30 minutes West of Asheville. I work in Marion, which is 40 minutes East of Asheville. So I drove for over an hour to get to this place. By the time I had arrived, I was determined to purchase it simply becuase I'd already come that far out. The seller was really nice, showed me how to use it, and I talked him down on the price a little bit. Enough to make me not feel too bad about the cost of getting there. So I loaded up the mower and headed home. There she is. A 12 amp, electric lawn mower. Comes with a bag and mulch plug and everything. Last night I took it out and did just the front yard, the most visible areas of the yard, and it worked really great. It took a bit of getting used to mowing with an extension cord following me, but after a while, it felt pretty natural and I never was in danger of running over it. It cut the gross really short, which I like, and didn't leave a lot of large grass clippings laying around. I guess it cut them up really fine.

It still takes me a long time to get the yard mowed though. I guess it's just that big. I'll tackle the back yard this weekend. I just hope 100 feet is enough to get to the back corners! Still need to get one more piece of yard equipement though. Our front yard has some areas I can't reach with the mower, so I'm looking for a weed eater to get into corners and the edgings of a fence. Criagslist, here we come.

Now, does anyone want to purchase a reel mower? Works great for small yards, and short grass.


paulrocker said...

I'm all about using gas mowers. Not good for the environment, but great for the neighborhood. Pretty sure it's the conservative, small goverment, capitalist in me.

*~Jen~* said...

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy reading your blog. It's like we've had a conversation and I didn't have to talk.....miss you brudder.