Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Smoky Mountains

This is a view of our new place from the street. That's the front door and the living room window. On the left are the master bedroom windows. There are two drive ways, one on either side, and that's our garage back there on the right, but it's mostly for storage and lawn equipment, not for a car. The staircase you see goes out to the street, so we don't really use it much, but it looks nice. One of these weekends I'm going to work on removing weeds and brush from that front yard. We're responsible for yard maintenance, so I figure I should take it seriously. Teresa just bought me a rake and shovel too! Isn't she thoughtful? Oh, and by the way, this picture was taken just after mowing with my fancy electric mower. If you look real close at the front door, you can see Hannah wondering what I'm doing.

Here is the back of the house. That door leads to the kitchen and the windows are to the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms. The larger bedroom will be a guest room and study. The third bedroom is slowly becoming a music room where I have my keyboard and stereo and various other items that don't fit anywhere else in the house. Again, I had just mowed the lawn, so it looks real nice. It had gone three weeks prior to this. It did take me two hours though. Even with a nice lawn mower, the lawn is just big. Speaking of the lawn.

Here is the back yard. It's fenced on the sides and at the back, which you see here, but not the front to either side of the house yet. I'm working on fixing that so we can let Hannah out without a leash. Supervised, but free to run. I'm pretty sure if we just left her on her own, she'd find a way out, but it would be nice to be able to play with her out there. The yard is sloped. High at the left, and low at the right, so it's really easy to mow going one direction, and lot harder going the other.

And this last picture is the view from the South side of the house taken from our front porch. If you're facing our front door, as in the first picture, and turn 90 degrees to your right, you'll see the mountains. It's really pretty. And in the mornings and some rainy days it's either completely obscured by fog and clouds, or you can see them lingering around the mountain tops. We're not sure, but we think that large gash in the mountain top might be preparation for a road leading to the new Tiger Woods golf course that they're building somewhere around there.

So that's our new place from the outside. Eventually when we get a couch and set things up how we want it and it's all clean, I'll take some inside pictures for you all to see. Speaking of a couch, we did some more shopping in Asheville and didn't really find anything. We did however revisit a store in Black Mountain and Teresa kept coming back to a couch she had tried out several weeks ago. It may end up being the one. I'll keep you posted since I know you're all riveted to the Luckman Couch Search 2009 adventure.


Beth said...

I love it. What a perfect place for you three. Let me know when you get a sofa and we will promptly show up to smear it with yogurt, oatmeal, and various fluids in the "miscellaneous" category.

*~Jen~* said...

Soooooo will I get a blow up mattress when I come visit....or should I get a hotel?