Thursday, July 16, 2009

House Found, Getting Excited

So earlier this month we secured the lease on a really nice house in Swannanoa which is actually just a 5 to 10 minute drive from where we are currently staying in Black Mountain. It's got a great view of the mountains and a very nice backyard for Hannah to play in. It will need a fence added on one side to close it off from the road, but I've already spoken with the landlord and he seems like he'll be okay with that. I'm starting to get excited about having our own place again, and getting all of our stuff out of storage. I miss our dishes and our cookware, our TV and our Bed. We move in on August 1st! I found a washer and dryer from a co-worker who was selling hers. We're trying to find a couch and a futon mattress as well.

Teresa did quit her job, and she's already a lot happier. She's looking for something more manageable both in terms of time and in type of work. We were talking about it the other day in that now that she's gotten rid of the really crappy job, she needs to find a job that she doesn't mind so much. And then we can work on paying off our debts and getting to a place where she can get a job that she wants to do! That will be an exciting day. Maybe something to do with dance.

I'm still enjoying my job. It's a lot of responsibility which I've probably said before, but it's fun being in charge, instead of being the grunt. I was thinking about more long term, and I really think I'd like to eventually go into financial counseling or advising. Once I have a career and experience to back me up, I'd really love to help people with money. And I had felt like that long before I listened to Dave Ramsey. Prbably as early as my first year of college when I felt led to take business courses in the interest of being a Godly business man. Funny to think of where life has taken me since then.

Hannah is Hannah and we love her. I think she needs her own place and her own yard too. She's been really weird in the last few months about needing to go out and use the "yard" every hours or being especially needy. The training we put her through worked really well in terms of walking her. We're using one of those head harnesses now and she behaves great, stopping, and heeling when you ask her too.

So getting ready for the move and enjoying life. We had a great time with family of the fourth weekend and I think we're meeing a friend this weekend for hiking and pizza. Here's to good food and friends!

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Jesse said...

I remember talking about your future in business TJ - you would be a great financial advisor. Follow your dreams man!