Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Yeah, so it's been awhile since I posted in this blog. I've been spending a lot of time posting about World of Warcraft, and little about myself personally. But today is election day, and it felt like it warranted a personal post. So here we go.

I voted this morning before I came to work, and it feels good to have participated in the process. I'm not thoroughly convinced my decisions will matter in the long run, but the process can't work if I don't act. I'm not big on politics, but it's all that I've read about in the papers and in TIME magazine. I'm looking forward to reading about something else. Whoever gets to be our next president, good luck, you'll need it.

Speaking of reading things, I recently picked up Wizard's First Rule, by Terry Goodkind. I did so because I saw a trailer for a new TV show called The Legend of the Seeker, which is based on these books. I haven't watched the show yet, it first aired last weekend, but the book so far is excellent. It's the first of 11 or so books in a series. I'll see if I can get to them all. I read fairly quickly and have a lot of time to do so while on the subway system to and from work. The books are known as The Sword of Truth novels, and I seem to recall something of these when I was reading a lot in high school. The first book came out in 1994, right as I was starting 8th grade at a new school, and spending a lot of time reading and checking out books from the library. Didn't ever pick it up until now, though.

Boston is growing colder, and even darker now thanks to daylight savings time (or lack thereof, I always forget when it's on or off so to speak). I love the Fall, but it seems like it's always over just as it's starting. I like when it's cold, but not so cold you have to wear a hat and gloves whenever you are outside. On the first day of Fall this year, I put on some instrumental piano music on my iPod and walked to a subway station further away from work than I usually go. I get to walk through the Boston Public Garden when I go that route and it was very relaxing and fun. It ends up taking me slightly longer to get home, but not enough where it's not worth it.

A couple days ago, on the way home from work, I ran into a guy I knew who I played softball with this Summer (we were the champions by the way) and had a short conversation with him about reading and writing. Specifically that if I could do anything I wanted, I would love to write a fiction story and publish it. I'm curious to know what needs to take place for that to happen. I mean, obviously, I would have to write something and convince enough people that it's worth publishing, and that people will want to read it. But what else is there? Do I need a formal education? Can I just start writing and editing and hope that eventually I'll have enough to call a book? What sort of story would I write? Fantasy most likely, but what kind? Humorous? Epic? Character or story driven? Reminds me of when I played a lot of role playing video games and dreamt of writing stories or music for video games. The creative side of me wanting to get out I guess.

Sometimes I wish I'd done more in mathematics and physics than business and accounting. I could see myself in education with a degree in math. I wonder how hard or practical that would be to do now before I become so ensconced in the accounting world that there's no going back? We'll see. There's a lot of changes on the horizon for us. And as usual I've just started rambling on and on about things. But I guess that's what the blog is about. Dreaming about my life and what it could be, as fiction.

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