Monday, July 21, 2008

Blogging is Fun

My Warcraft blog, Good Morning Azeroth, seems to be enjoying a small bit of popularity. That is to say I've had a few people read it and comment on it from the warcraft blogging community. I've been putting a little more effort into getting the layout to look nice and advertise through the Entrecard program and listing it on various collection of WoW blogs. I really enjoy posting, fiddling with pictures, posts, layouts and designs. It makes me wish I'd gotten my education in computers and continued with the web and flash design stuff I meddled with during college.

I suppose it's not too late to go back to that stuff, but right now it's Accounting that pays the bills. I would have to update myself on the latest tools and programs at work in the internet in order to have a chance at working in the field too, and that means making the time to take classes or train myself. I'm not saying it won't happen, but it will take some effort.

It the mean time I'll keep playing with the blog, and try to write on relevant topics about World of Warcraft. I also want to keep up with this blog, but I haven't really nailed down a focus for topics, other than just current events in my life. And maybe that's enough for the few people who read it, but it would be nice to have something consistent to write about. The last thing I want it to become is a place where I just write about things that bother me. A complaints journal if you will. I've done that on pen and paper before, and it wasn't happy.

For now, I'll keep writing whatever I feel like, and maybe I'll fall into a routine or subject matter that's both fun to write about, and fun to read.

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*~Jen~* said...

I miss you brudder.