Friday, June 27, 2008

Three Years

A couple of days ago, on the 25th, my wife and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! We didn't do a whole lot for it. I took half a day at work and helped her walk her dogs (and ours) and then we went to the farmer's market, hung out at home, and went to a nice dinner at Outback. Good times.

It seems like three years have gone by quickly, though I suppose this last one was a little less stressful than the previous two, mostly due to her being out of school and not stressing about papers and tests. I still remember all night writing sessions where I would try to stay up and support her, and usually ended up falling asleep on the hardwood floor. I don't really miss that.

I still think we're crazy for moving to Boston right after getting married, but I don't know what other way we would have done it. She had the opportunity to study at Harvard. Who's going to pass that up? Not me. And in the end, I do think I enjoy living near a big city. There's always things to do, even if we can't motivate ourselves to do them all, we do some.

Church softball starts up this Saturday. It will be my third year pitching for the High Rock Angels. It's slow pitch softball, so while the pitches are designed for the batter to hit them, I'm working on a couple things to keep the pitches varied and on the ground. Our church had enough people to field two teams this year, the other is called the Apostles, and we play each other in a few weeks, which should be fun.

I'll be celebrating my 3rd year at my company this Summer, which seems like a big deal. I haven't really moved around a lot in my industry, so three years in one position feel liks a lot for someone who's only been an accountant for four years. It also makes me wonder if I'll ever be able to do any accounting besides my real estate accounting niche that I'm in. I would't mind breaking out into accounting systems and information, but that might require more school. Speaking of which, I would love to some day get a masters in information systems and accounting or some other combination. I am consistently seeing that I enjoy working with computers and software more than I do spreadsheets and numbers.

Maybe I can become a Mac genius.

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