Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holly Jolly in Black Mountain

I never did post last weekend about what Holly Jolly was. I put pictures up at my Facebook page though for those that are interested.

Essentially, the downtown area of Black Mountain is made for Tourists. There are about two blocks of stores and restaurants designed for people traveling through, visiting, and picking up the odd hand crafted item, antique, or doo dad. Pooky Bead shops as my Grandpa would call them.

Last Friday, Holly Jolly, consisted of the stores staying open later than usual and having various candies, appetizers, and drinks for the people browsing the stores. There was also a parade, and several places had live music. It was all pretty neat, and we had our fair share of cookies and candy.

So that's what Holly Jolly is. If you take a look at the pictures, you'll see there was a nice pottery exhibit, some of which you could buy. In the bottom of that building was a mosaic of tiles on a wall. The tiles were each done by different people, mostly children circa 1997-1998. What was significant about these tile mosaic was that one of the tiles had been painted by Teresa and her brother David. Teresa only vaguely remembered it, and one of the people that were visiting with her mom and dad found it. A quilted tile with the initials TE and DE in the corners. I had never known this existed, so it was really neat.

If you're ever in Black Mountain after Thanksgiving, be sure to stay up for Holly Jolly as you're sure to find something you'll want. Some of the pottery was very cool, and for sale, but in the end we decided on buying two art pieces at a local gallery. Small pictures to put up in the house. An early Christmas present for us, I suppose.

In other news, I'm still working on getting pictures up of the tree. There are some at Facebook, but I still need to get a better one with a real camera and put it up here. Maybe I'll get one of our family (Teresa, me, and Hannah) and put it here too. Then instead of a Christmas card, you can all have a Christmas blog.

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