Friday, May 15, 2009

Update On Life and Blogging

When I started this blog, it was to have an avenue to write about what's going in our lives for family and friends to read. Or random strangers I guess, thought my thinking is that they would lose interest quickly... but that's not what I'm concerned about.

I want to start writing again, at least weekly in this blog so that I have some sort of place to write thoughts, ideas and updates in our lives. It might be fun to make it more personal with pictures and what not as well. But with that said, here's a quick update on where we are.

In January Teresa and I moved back to North Carolina from Boston. We were lucky enough to have a place to stay until we found work, and about 5 weeks ago we found that! Hopefully we'll be moving into a place of our own buy late June or July. I love the area here so the plan is to find a nice small place for us and Hannah to rent while we work and save and adjust to living in a new state.

Teresa is working for a dog Kennel called the Bed & Biscuit. It's in Black Mountain, so it's not a far drive, and while it's hard work, I think she likes it. She's got some pretty lousy hours though, working a lot of weekends and 12 hour days. I got a really good opportunity and took a job as the controller for a manufacturing company in Marion, NC, just East of Black Mountain, so again a quick drive. About a 25 minute commute versus the 90 minute commute I had in Boston by subway. To facilitate us both working and driving, we just (as in this week) bought a brand new-to-us (read 13 year old) car! It's a Nissan Altima which we got on the cheap so we don't have any extra car payments. It will mainly be a driving to work and back car really. It's in great shape though. A manual transmission too, so it's fun to drive, and I get to teach Teresa how to drive it. That will be fun!

I think Hannah enjoys the mountains though she doesn't get out as often as she would like, I'm sure. We're taking her to another dog (or owner) training class so maybe we can work out some of the excitedness she has. Two things I would like to train in her the most. Not having separation issues whenever we leave the house, and not going crazy whenever she sees another dog or cat. Just the other day she saw a cat outside and pushed open the storm door to the house. She ran around the neighborhood for 15 minutes before ending up back at the front door. Well, at least she came back, right?

So jobs are a go, cars are registered and tagged, now we're saving money to rent a place in Black Mountain and we'll be able to get our stuff out of storage. Looking forward to that!

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