Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh Ten

Happy New Year everyone!

In 2010 I hope to do everything I wanted to do but didn't do in 2009. Is that a good one? Meh. I'm not really one for new years resolutions. Being active and losing weight would be nice. I consistently tell myself to get back to the Forza routine that Teresa bought for me years ago. It's exercise with a sword. I mean if you're going to do exercise, getting to exercise with a sword is pretty awesome. It for sure beats exercise with a mat, or a ball, or weights. Am I right? Yes.

Resolutions aside, I am looking forward to a lot of stuff in 2010. I turn 29 this year, which means that 2010 will be where I spend the majority of the last year of my own personal third decade. Exciting! And also a little scary. I'm don't feel old, but I don't feel like I'm a kid anymore. Some of you who are aware of my gaming hobbies might beg to differ.

Speaking of gaming, there are a few awesome titles coming out in 2010. Top of the list is Final Fantasy XIII. Number 12 came out in late 2006, so it's been a long wait for this one. Also, 12 was on the PS2, so 13 will be the first Final Fantasy on the latest edition of consoles. Namely the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Which of course means that in order to play it, I will have to acquire one of the aforementioned systems. My brother-in-law might sell me his old 360 at a bargain price which would be great. There are a few games already out on the 360 that I'd like to try as well. I've sort of debated between PS3 and 360, but the only real advantage of the PS3 is theya include blu-ray player, and I don't think my current TV even handles the resolution a blu-ray would put out, which makes it kind of pointless now. I figure by the time I get a TV that's good for it, blu-ray players will be even cheaper than they are now, and they aren't that bad now.

Cataclysm, the next expansion to World of Warcraft will be released sometime this year. No one knows when for certain, but my guess is somewhere between August and November. Teresa and I are both excited for this one, though we're a bit worried that the new game may require an upgrade in computers. Sigh. I must be really behind the times if all the games I want to play require me to get new hardware just to play them. I'd say more about the game, but I'll save that for my WoW related blog, so I won't bore you if it's not your thing. You're welcome.

Oh! Chuck comes back on TV this year. And LOST! That will be exciting. Last season of the show. All our questions will be answered! Actually, probably not. But hopefully the big ones will be. I look forward to exchanging goofy theories with my mother over what the heck is going on on that island. Wait, the island's gone? Blown up? Disappeared? Well, shoot. Hopefully Teresa and I can finish our viewing of Star Trek: TNG. We finally decided to settle down and watch season 6 after having the first 3 discs for a couple months... only to discover that two of the discs were broken before we opened them. Grr. To make matters worse, when we requested replacements, they put them at a low spot on our movie queue, and we got some other replacement movies instead. Oh well. At least Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is an awesome movie. That last sentence was sarcasm, you know, in case you didn't get that.

I got a new job in 2009, back in April after we moved to NC. It has been a real challenge and a lot different from any job I've had. I think overall it's a bit more stressful, but more rewarding in the job experience I'm getting. I like the shop, I like the people, and I don't mind the work. Now that I've got eight months under my belt, I'm looking forward to actually making some changes and being a bit more assertive. It's a management position, so I think it's time I lead instead of just worked. Mike Hayes, if you're reading this, I'm thinking about everything we learned in that class, as well as the organizational behavior private study we did. +1 for using my education. Woot!

I haven't asked Hannah what she expects from the new year yet. I'm not sure if she knows it's a new year though. She slept through the ball drop last night. She probably resolves to steal more food of the counters and table, and to bark more when she hears mysterious noises outside. Good resolutions for a three year old dog. But if I see her on the counter, I'm going to yell at her. It's just how it works.

Teresa is still looking for work, and I hope she finds something she really likes. We're still enjoying the new house, and hopefully this year we'll get a fence put up in the back yard so we can go out there and play with Hannah. Which, come to think of it, might be another resolution of Hannah's. Get humans to play with me in the backyard more.

Okay, so that's what I know about, but I'm sure 2010 will bring a lot of things that I don't yet know about. Hopefully more good things than bad. And hopefully flying cars.


Beth said...

Hi Teddy,
Which is more awesome-- the fact that you have a real sword with which to exercise or the fact that you have an awesome wife who will not only tolerate but encourage such behavior? (I vote for the latter.) I tried to read most of this post about growing up, etc., but it was a blur of gaming stuff and I might have checked out a little... until I got to the Lost part! ;)

gmazeroth said...

Awww, I kept the gaming stuff to two paragraphs at least. The rest was more relevant grown up stuff. And you're right about my awesome wife. No vote necessary.

*~Jen~* said...

Oh ten. I vow to make no resolutions except to save money and maybe see my brother before we both get old and grey....oh wait...thats not too long from now for you huh oldy? Misses you brother.