Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our New Couch, and The Onset of Fall

There it is. Our new couch, all comfy and inviting. Teresa likes to the lamp side of the couch most I think. At least that's where she always sits. We've been using if for the last week and a half and I think it's working out pretty well. And yes, Mom, we are gradually getting our Homer Simpson butt prints settled in.

Our house is looking pretty good. We've got pictures on the wall, furniture in the living room, and just recently we finished setting up my keyboard, stereo, and the large book shelf in the small bed room. We threw the Papasan chair in there and it makes a passable reading and music room!

Just one bedroom is unfinished. We need a desk/keyboard chair, and a futon mattress so we can make it a true guest bedroom. Then all that's left is the mess of old boxes and paraphernalia that's in the attic, but it's okay to take some time on that.

Fall is here. I LOVE the fall. Favorite season by far. I can tell when I go outside and the air is cold with a slight breeze, but the sun is up, and leaves are everywhere that my favorite season has arrived. Here is a shot of the hillside from our front porch.
I've got some other shots from this week where it's a lot more pronounced. This was when they first started to turn. The picture doesn't do it justice, but you can start to see it.

Today, I went to a golf tournament with my company. We did Captain's Choice, or Best Ball, where we played in teams of four and hit from where whoever hit the best. I actually got put in a team of three and we just rotated a 4th hitter. I was worried at first. I haven't golfed since before Teresa and I got married. I never managed to find a time to go golfing in Boston. But I am so glad I went today. My first shot off the tee was beautiful, and I continued to do well throughout the day. On the second hole, I think we played from my ball for every shot and parred the hole. On hole 17, I birdied the putt for our group, (That's one less than par for the golfing uninitiated, par being the amount of shots it's supposed to take you.)

We ended 18 holes at 72, just 2 over par and won second place in the tournament which equals fifty bucks for me. After the green fees, the longest drive pot, and lunch, I came out a little ahead for the day. Nothing better than free golf! And even if it had been bad golf, the weather was absofreakinglutely beautiful. This was the view from the tee on hole 18.

Teresa's parents are visiting this weekend. They took off to chimney rock while I was golfing. Hopefully Teresa took some pictures and I'll post those later on today or this week. I'll have to post again just to show off the fall colors before they disappear!

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